IMM Fees and Charges

At IndiaMoneyMart, we believe in fair and transparent pricing. We charge a small one time Registration Fees to defray our processing costs towards screening and credit risk assessment of the borrowers, KYC verification. As a platform, we play a pivotal role in completing end to end solutions for the entire duration of the loan to make the process simple, fast and hassle free.

Borrower - Fees & Charges

  1. Registration FeesINR 500 + GST
  2. Transaction Fees is payable as % of loan amount plus GST prior to disbursement based on the following slabs

    All fees (Including Registration Fees) and charges are non-refundable. ****

    Period of loanTransaction Fees payable (% of disbursed amount plus GST)
    Loan up to 12 months3%
    More than 12 months but less than or equal to 24 months4%
    More than 24 months but less than or equal to 36 months5%

    In addition borrowers are required to pay processing and handling charges of INR 300 plus GST prior to disbursement.

  3. Prepayment ChargesNil

    A Borrower can pre-pay the loan anytime without any prepayment penalty after first 3 EMIs payment. In case the borrower chooses to prepay before 3 EMIs, interest dues for the first 3 EMIs will be payable to the lender to protect the Lenders interest.

  4. Cheque/ Nach Mandate Bounce ChargesINR 200 plus GST
  5. Change in Bank Account DetailsINR 500 plus GST
  6. Delay in RepaymentsAdditional interest of 3% per month

    Additional interest of 3% per month will be payable to each of the Lenders on the amount due for period of delay. In addition, penalty charges of INR 200 will be payable on each EMI default to each of the Lenders. Collection charges of INR 500 plus GST will be payable to IMM.

  7. Legal charges in case of defaultINR 500 per legal notice
  8. Change in EMI Date for BorrowerINR 500 plus GST
All fees and charges are non-refundable.

Lender - Fees & Charges

  1. Registration FeesINR 1000 + GST

    The initial payment of registration fees will allow a Lender to invest upto INR 1 lac.

  2. Transaction Fees1% of the amount invested

    Transaction fees of 1% will be payable on the amount of investment exceeding INR 1 lac.

  3. Change in Bank Account DetailsINR 500 plus GST
  4. Failure to Lend after commitmentINR 1500 plus GST