Why Lend Through IMM

In today's economic scenario Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending is one of most unique and groundbreaking financial product of this era. It brings together Borrowers in need of money and Lenders, ready to lend at a lower cost, than the traditional bank lending programs. The growing popularity of P2P lending indicates that a dramatic change would happen in how people lend and borrow in the times to come.

IndiaMoneyMart (IMM) provides such a platform where Lenders and Borrowers can meet and transact at a minimal operational cost. IMM help the Borrowers get loans at a low interest rate and allow the Lenders to get better and higher returns, from mutually beneficial transactions.

Through IndiaMoneyMart, one can get small personal loans starting from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 for a repayment tenure upto 36 months.

The most unique features on IndiaMoneyMart e-lending platform are:

Creditworthiness of the Lenders and the Borrowers

Strict verification mechanism on our part ensures that only creditworthy Borrowers and Lenders are listed on the IMM platform. Our team of experts verifies details of each and every member registered with us, either as a Lender or as a Borrower.

Our platform collects all the required Personal, Professional and Financial details of the registered members on our website for accomplishing this verification process. Both, Lender and Borrower can view and study these details and then take a rational decision to carry out their transaction.

This list of collected authenticated information of our registered members, which are available on the IMM platform, is essentially used only for official purposes.

Choose Individual or Multiple Borrowers and Lenders

IMM provides more than one option to the Lenders and the Borrowers for disbursal and availing of loans, at their own free will. Lenders can offer a portion of their investment to any one Borrower or to multiple Borrowers at the same time. Similarly, the Borrowers can seek to raise money from one or multiple Lenders on the IMM platform. This procedure helps the Lenders to diversify their investments by lending on multiple Borrowers.

Avail our Contract signing Facility

IMM carries out all necessary procedures to assist both the parties who are interested in the deal, to undertake their transactions without the need for meeting each other personally.

Once, a Lender and a Borrower agree to carry out a transaction; IMM helps them to legitimize their deal by facilitating the formal signing of an agreement.

Earn regular Monthly interest on your investments through EMIs

The Lenders benefit by earning better returns on a monthly basis, on their lent amounts, directly from Borrowers registered on the IMM’s platform.

The Lenders on this website can boost their earnings by lending their surplus funds to real people through IMM and get a return on their investments up to 13-15% Per Annum.

Secured Collection and Recovery of the Loans

IMM would always undertake necessary due vigilance for verifying the credentials of the Borrowers.

Although, IMM only acts as an intermediator between the Lenders and the Borrowers, it does extend its helping hand to all its registered Lenders for recovery of their loans (in rare cases of delay or defaults), while acting within the boundaries of legal framework and guidelines.

Delay in repayment of the loans by the Borrowers is subject to a fine and an additional interest, as per the guidelines set by IMM.

Additional interest would be directly payable to the Lender.

IMM does not allow any individual franchisee, agent or member of its organization to collect or deposit money on behalf of the both the Lender or the Borrower on this platform.

Get the Freedom to decide on whom to lend your hard earned investments

IMM never guarantees the Lenders on its platform.

All required data about the Borrowers are available on the IMM platform to assist the Lenders in taking a wise decision. Every registered Lender on the IMM platform is free to review and choose their potential Borrowers and thereby act on their own judgements and transact accordingly, while finalizing their contractual agreement on the deal. The IMM platform provides a wide range of filtering options to the Lenders to narrow down the list of Borrowers they want to lend to.

IMM also provides an option for lenders to opt for Auto Invest – under which the IMM team identifies the appropriate borrower for the lender and lends the agreed amounts. This enables faster lending for lenders.

Just in case, if you have any further queries, feel free to contact us on support@indiamoneymart.com.

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