About IMM

IndiaMoneyMart or IMM is an online Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending marketplace that brings together Borrowers and Lenders to enable transaction between them on mutually agreed terms. IMM is a tech-enabled Lending platform that provides Investors/ Lenders an opportunity to lend directly in various types of Consumer/ Personal/ small business Loans. The platform provides an alternate asset class giving superior returns compared to the conventional asset classes. The platform is essentially a match-maker utilizing and validating multiple data-points to establish the credibility of borrowers and Lenders.

Investors/ Lenders on our platform get access to profiled creditworthy borrowers with risk category and lend funds to borrowers of their choice, which provides an attractive stable return on the funds invested. IMM follows a rigorous credit underwriting process to determine the intention and ability of a loan seeker to repay debt and enable lenders or investors to deploy their Funds profitably. IMM thus provides alternate investment options to Lenders and affordable personal, consumer & small business loans to borrowers.

At IMM, we strive to provide a superior customer experience with our completely transparent, hassle free, simple to use Digital platform for all your borrowing and Investing needs.