Other P2P Loans

IMM P2P loans can help you with two of the biggest challenges Borrowers face: Approval and Cost.

Personal loans can be extremely useful in the event of an unforeseen emergency.

On IMM, for all our online Lenders- No cause seems unworthy of providing a loan.

You can seek a “Bridge Loan” at a low interest rate from IMM, which can help you pay your down-payment for any other loans, from elsewhere.

You can also use IMM P2P lending platform for refinancing your credit card dues, cover relocation expenses or finance several other needs in your day to day life.

IMM asks for no prepayment charges, so you can pay off your loans as soon as you want, without incurring any penalty fees.

For further information and help visit F&Q and HOW TO BORROW section. REGISTER or SIGN IN to proceed for a loan.